About us!

Visit us!  2476 Nimmo Parkway Suite 101 – Virginia Beach, VA 23456

 (757) 430-1066

Som Bao Cafe, specializing in Laos and Thai cuisine. 

Som Bao is the combination name of the patriarch and matriarch of our family (aka our parents) Somdee and Bao Phoutasen.  They have 7 kids, listed in order from oldest to youngest:

  • Bouasavanh (aka Bo)
  • Phonexay (aka Fonsi)
  • Baykham (aka Pennee)
  • Xamthong (aka Kelly)
  • Khamla (aka Kam)
  • Inthasane (aka Monk)
  • Susan (aka…well, there is no other name)
And from us 7 kids, we’ve extended our family even more to include 10 grand kids (with 2 more on the way) and 1 grand doggy!  
As a family, we are living out our “American” dream to be successful restaurant owners and to also teach people a little bit about the Laos culture through our food and to make you want to come back for more.
Please follow our blog to get front seats into our lives and hearts – the restaurant.
Leave us feedback, comments and let us know what you are looking forward to because we are looking forward to seeing ya’ll soon!!!

2 responses to “About us!

  1. Can’t wait for the grand opening! I’m Drake’s teacher (Mr.Kamis) and he told me about the restaurant (and gave me a pen)! I also had Armani in my class a few years ago. Good luck and wishing you a smooth opening!

    From Drake:
    ” I like to go to the restaurant and I like to help.”

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