A few words from Baykham =)

Great job on the short story about Som Bao Cafe. Iam super excited and hired the best Manager in town(Xamthong ). The first thing our customer will see is her inviting beauty and smiles. Then her personality and poise will surely bring them back. Then the best Chef (Chanto). Her experience in Thai cooking will definitely bring more customers yearning for more. I cant forget Somdee (Dad) and Bao (mom) the inspirational of it all. There will has mode me to be the monarch of my family. Without them there will be no “SomBao Cafe”. Dad and mom been cooking together for 50+ years. They are honored I have asked them to bring Lao cooking to “SomBao Cafe”. I cant forget “Myself” I have been cooking for my family since I can remember. Cooking and eating together ties us stronger and closer every year. We are certainly the Dream Team in the kitchen.

Andreanna is a super star. She has worked so hard in designing the menu and fliers. It looks super great. I cant wait to eat at SomBao Cafe. Khamky , Tony, Inthasane and Kevin has worked super hard with the renovation process. The place looks great. Fonsi did an excellent job with the electrical and lighting. My pictures and decor will for surely shine. Thanks to a super talented electrician. Now the table and chairs are on its way.

– Baykham


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