Hello world of blogging!!!

Everyone’s wondering what the deal is with this “Som Bao Cafe”.  It’s crunch time, 30 days to expected opening day.  We’re all super-excited, the guys have been working hard on renovations and everything is all coming together.   So, how did all this come about???

Well, first let’s introduce ourselves!  We are the Phoutasen Family.  Som Bao is a combination of our parent’s names, Somdee and Bao Phoutasen. They have 7 grown ‘kids’ (4 boys, 3 girls) and 10 grandkids with 2 more on the way (and 1 granddoggy).  On top of that we have a lot of support and help from our extended family – the Sayachack’s, and many other close friends, but we like to call everyone our family.

It all started with a vision…a family that wanted more…and a big sister [Baykham] with the passion, drive and HEART to get it done and to do what would be best for the family.   The idea has always been there, for the past 3 years everyone had a part in finding locations – looking and looking – checking out different shopping centers, Baykham constantly negotiating deals.  Everything was falling through, nothing was working out.  Until 2010.   Xamthong had found a Sushi restaurant owner wanting to sell her business (formerly Momo Sushi).  We lucked out.  Negotiations went smoothly.  We were on our way to becoming business owners.

Fast forward to today.  We have approximately 30 days until our expected grand opening in June 2011.  We’ve hired very close family friend, Khamky Kham, to do the renovations.  We’ve removed a front waiter’s station and back sushi bar to accomodate a larger dining area and small bar.  Carpeting was removed, walls put up, painting and tiling has been done.  Phoutasen brother’s and the Sayachack cousin’s have worked hard night and day to assist Khamky in the clean up and renovation process of demolition of the old bars, building of new walls and soon to be starting the creation of an outdoor patio, just in time for the Summer season.

What should you look forward to?  Some authentic Laos and Thai cuisine.  We’re not going to be the typical Thai restaurant you’ve seen in the area.  We’re taking that extra step and putting our hearts into what we serve you.  You see, we’re not of Thai descent.  We are from Laos, so we’re going to bring that feeling of family and closeness and you’re going to feel the love in our food – and we guarantee – you’ll find we are different from the rest.  We hope that you walk into our “house” with question marks hovering your head and by the time you leave, you’re going to feel like part of our family – and your stomachs full of sanctification and a taste of our culture.  Possibly eating something new and wanting to come back for more – take that back – yearning for more.

In the next couple weeks we’re going to put some pictures up of our progress, keep you informed of some special traditional events coinciding with our grand opening and hopefully keep you curious enough for you to want to come see us when we are officially open.  Until then…keep us on your mind – follow our blog and we hope to keep you interested enough to pay us a visit!


2 responses to “Hello world of blogging!!!

  1. Congradulations Bo and family. Will be looking foward to enjoying your food. I already know how good it is because I’ve been served at your home…. again Congrads.

  2. Thank you Faye! We’re anxiously awaiting opening day which will be coming soon!

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